Подвесной потолок Hygiene Advance A

Ecophon Hygiene Advance A is a unique wall to wall, sound absorbing ceiling system for use in demanding environments with constantly high humidity and risk for corrosion e.g. dish rooms and fish industry. The system consists of Ecophon Hygiene Advance A tiles, which have a core of high density glass wool fully encapsulated in a smooth high-performance film that is impervious to particles and water. The film is also dirt-repellent and resistant to most chemicals. The system is classified B1 and B5 for zone 4 according to standard NF S 90-351 and clean room classified according ISO 4. The weight of the system is approximately 3 kg/m2 (20 mm) and 4,5 kg/m2 (40 mm). The tiles should be secured to the grid with Connect Hygiene clips in order to withstand pressure during cleaning and to minimise dirt traps. The system is available with C3 grid for humid areas and C4 grid system for swimming hall and constantly wet areas. For best performance and system quality use Connect™ grid and accessories.